As the digital era grows businesses are shifting away from traditional marketing strategies and making the shift towards digital. Essentially digital marketing is the use of technology to market their products or services on the internet.

So why is it necessary to shift away from traditional methods if they are already in place? IT comes down to more people are now online. Over half of the world’s population is online and simply not taping into this market is a lost opportunity. More and more businesses are following the digital trend and shifting their efforts online. If you don’t follow suite not only are you missing out on a new market, you’re letting your competitors get an edge over you.

Cost effective

A big reason to get behind shifting to the online world is just how much more cost effective it is than traditional means. To reach your audience before, you would have to use many different resources such as radio, email, print media and many more. Now for a fraction of the cost you can have more effective communication that leads to higher brand awareness and user engagement.

If you’re a small business or start up the cost of brand awareness can make or break you. With all businesses having equal opportunities now, it makes the playing field easier for new businesses to enter the market.


Content creation from brands is the most effective way of connecting with your audience in the digital age. People no longer listen to sale pitches over the radio or email spam. They want quality content that they can engage with and get something out of.

The higher the quality of your content the more likely you are to reach a larger audience. Your online presence is very important when determining the success of your business.

Changing devices

With the introduction of the smart phone people are viewing content on their phone more than any other device including PC. Making sure that you’re mobile ready is very important to ensure the success of your business.

Not only is it infuriating for consumers to visit your website only for it to be diminished on their phone, it can also penalise your ranking by search engines. SEO plays a very big part in digital marketing and is a growing technique that should be addressed when considering your business to be a real contender in the 21st century.


Search engine optimisation is the holy grail of all digital marketing techniques. Ultimately everything that you do right will affect your ranking from search engines. There are 3 main points that businesses should focus on when trying to improve their ranking;

  • Quality content
  • Inbound links
  • Optimised website

Focus on creating quality content will attract new customers and maintain existing ones. The content increases your traffic and in turn is seen as a trustworthy site. Constant updating of your website also signals that you are actively maintaining the quality of your website and will be ranked higher.

Inbound links also increase the perceived trust of your website from search engine algorithms. Quality content creation is an efficient and effective way to gain trustworthy links from other websites.

Optimising your website could be the most important and easy to fix factor when trying to improve your ranking. As previously mentioned the majority of users are online. If your website isn’t optimised your bounce rate will increase and most search engines will penalise you for the lack of trust and simply because your website isn’t up to date.

Digital marketing is very important for new and old businesses alike. It grants a lot of new innovative ways to reach your customers that are cost effective compared to old techniques. If you make the change you could potentially save yourself a lot of money while making more at the same time.