Over the past two decades, we have already seen so many improvements and changes in the digital world (technology). In the beginning, only a few lucky households would have computers, and now everyone has a miniature computer that they can hold in the palm of their hands. Social media is now the main way that we communicate, and more and more online learning platforms are popping up everywhere. Furthermore, professionals all around the world no longer have to plane hop from place to place simply to attend meetings as they can now video call. For many companies, they have also switched from focusing on print advertising to instead focusing on digital advertising. But even the game of advertising online is constantly changing, and most people can’t keep up to date. Having said this, those who work in digital professions, who perform a lot of research, and who have insider’s information usually do have an idea of what is to come when it comes to the digital world. This can help them not only keep their own businesses up-to-date, but they can also help other companies. As staying fresh and current is so important when it comes to the online world (especially online advertising), here is where the experts think that the digital world is heading.

There will be self-driving cars on the road

Many experts out there believe that by 2020 there will be self-driving cars on the road (even in Australia). If this does occur, the every day person will have more time on their hands and will probably use that time scrolling through their smart devices. When it comes to an advertising stand-point, companies would be wise to think about how they are able to team up with other businesses that are working on such cars, by seeing how they are able to reach people while they are spending their time commuting in self-driving cars, and discovering what type of person is most likely to be purchasing such vehicles e.g. will it be a system that is only going to be attainable by the upper middle class? Investigating these types of trends and preparing for them is what will set certain companies apart from the rest as they will know what their potential customers and clients want even before they do. While, of course, no one really knows where the digital world is heading, the experts are the most likely to have a good idea of what is to come.