Most people out there who have an idea about SEO will understand that companies such as Google do not want everyone to know about their algorithms. They are extremely top secret as they don’t want companies to have the ability to exploit these algorithms to get to the top of search engine results. Having said this, it seems that Google has finally accepted that businesses will do everything that they can to show up in search results and this can include paying a lot of money to companies that promise they will achieve this. As Google doesn’t want people getting ripped off, they have provided the public with a search engine optimisation starter guide. This guide entails information about avoiding dodgy companies that claim they can achieve the top spot in search results overnight, and it also talks about making small modifications to any website so that they can be noticed by search engine sites. For example, they encourage users to register their site on Google index. They also go on to speak about what SEO experts should be able to help with such as content development, and keyword research. As they speak about this in their guidelines, it can be safe to assume that such practices are okay to use and won’t be marked as spam (unless they are overdone).

So, is this guide worth reading?

For anyone who has a website, this guide is absolutely worth reading. Even for those who do not wish to implement SEO tactics themselves, they are able to get a better idea of what SEO is all about and what experts are able to help with. This will also help ensure that less people get ripped off when hiring someone’s services. Furthermore, the guide gives people a basic understanding of how Google will rank websites which can be handy for anyone using a website to know. The guide goes on to explain that those with websites should be focusing on their page titles and ensuring that they are unique and accurate. Furthermore, they discuss how to implement meta tags and heading tags, so a page can become more visible. All of these practices should be implemented by anyone using a website so that they have the best chance of becoming noticed by Google bots and so gaining a higher visibility in search engine results.