There are many reasons why people decide to work from home and this is because there are many benefits to enjoy. Individuals are able to create their own schedules, take breaks when they need to and are able to select jobs that they feel in alignment with. Furthermore, many parents out there find that they are able to work from home while their children are at school, whereas they wouldn’t be able to squeeze travel time and necessary work hours if they worked on-site.

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Those who have suffered from illnesses or workplace bullying are able to feel safe working from home while still contributing to society and supporting themselves financially. While there are many benefits to working from home as a freelancer there can be some tough times too. There are always unpleasant situations like chasing up unpaid invoices and the amount of work that comes in isn’t always consistent.

This can make it hard to plan budgets and schedules. Because of this, many people look into implementing SEO (search engine optimisation) strategies into their home business so they are able to attract not only more clients, but reputable and reliable ones too. Here is a further look at how to implement SEO when working from home.

Build a website

If this has not already been done, the most important key to SEO is building a website. This doesn’t have to be fancy or super interactive, it simply needs to act as a place where potential clients can visit and find out about the business at hand. Furthermore, it will act as a tool to attract relevant and paying clients. This is done in a numerous number of ways.

First of all, many people include a weekly blog on their websites. These weekly blog posts will be very important because they will include specific keywords and terms that will increase the chances that the website will be noticed by search engine companies such as Google and Bing. For example, if someone is looking for a graphic designer in Perth, they will likely type “graphic designer Perth” into a search engine bar. The search engine company will then show what they deem to be the most relevant results. In order to be deemed as relevant to this search term, blog posts will need to include that term within their contents.

So, a blog post may be called “how to find the best graphic designer in Perth” and the key terms “graphic designer Perth” will be included in this article several times. It is important, however, not to include this too many times otherwise the site may be marked as spam. Because of this, many people decide to seek out a professional SEO company, rather than try to implement these types of techniques themselves.


Find a reputable SEO agency

Even for those who are just starting out and may have smaller budgets, it is still crucial to implement these optimisation strategies correctly and quickly. These types of methods can take time so there is no use in trying certain things out that may not work. Many professional businesses out there have different packages that can work for everyone and also work remotely so freelancers do not have to take precious time out of their days to attend an office. An agency will know exactly what methods work and how to use them in a non-spam manner. They will also have the correct tracking tools which will assess which techniques are working and which ones aren’t. Furthermore, they are able to provide essential research which will uncover which keywords and terms are the best to use for different websites. This is the perfect way to not only stand out from the rest but to also attract more trustworthy and reliable clients and sales. Building a website and seeking the help of a professional are two small and cost-effective methods for ensuring that there is plenty of work to be had all year round.