There are many people out there who would like to learn how to implement SEO to their own website. Using such tools on one’s website is otherwise known as on-page SEO techniques. These techniques are a range of tools that are used on a site that will help increase that site’s visibility in search engine results. As, of course, everyone wants their site to be noticed as much as possible, they will want to do everything they can to achieve this. While it is always better to hire a professional to take care of SEO tactics such as a digital marketing agency, there are some basic on-page SEO techniques that can be implemented by the every-day web user. One of the many methods that can be used is focusing on page titles. For each page of a website, the title should include the main keywords for that page. For instance, if the page was a blog dedicated to beginners in the digital world, then the title of the page could be “a blog for digital beginners”. Similarly, there could be a blog post about how to cook a delicious vegan dinner, and so that page title could be “delicious vegan dinner recipe”. This will make it more likely that a target audience will find that page when they are typing relevant queries into a search engine bar.

You can focus on internal links

While a great off-page SEO technique to include links elsewhere on the web, focusing on internal links can be used as an on-page technique. A great way to achieve this is by linking other relevant websites inside blog posts. For example, there could be an additional reading section placed at the bottom of the post that includes several links to other blogs. Others may include a reference page with links to where they got their information from. Others will include links in their images or headings. Wherever they are placed, it can be a really simple and great way to get noticed by search engine sites such as Google and Bing. Once again, focusing on internal links can be made easier by hiring a digital marketing agency as they are also able to help find reputable sources to link. But whatever you decide to do, it is just important to not go overboard, otherwise, a website could be penalised by Google.