A great way to enhance your online reputation is by implementing SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques. But with hundreds of different techniques to choose from, which ones should you use? While there are always new methods that can be tested, it is often best to use the ones that are tried and true, especially if you are going to be implementing them without the help of a professional. One of these common tried and true methods are off-page SEO techniques. These are methods that are implemented around the internet but not on or in someone’s website itself. It is more about building relationships and leaving a positive digital footprint in as many relevant places are possible. One example of an off-page SEO technique is to build a strong social media presence. Social media can be used to build up a faithful audience who interact with a brand. For example, in America, the company Wendy’s has created a devout following on Twitter because of their funny and interactive twitter comments. They have achieved this by participating in playful banter with other companies such as McDonalds, by using puns in their posts, and responding to criticism in a funny way. This participation on Twitter has without a doubt increased their overall revenue and has encouraged users to share their website around the web.

Regularly interact with others online

One of the most important things to do when implementing off-page SEO techniques is to regularly interact online with others. A great example of this is setting aside some time each week to comment on other people’s blogs. It is important, however, to only do this for other people in the same field as you e.g. beauty bloggers should comment on other beauty bloggers websites. This is a great way to get loads of people noticing your name, to get search engines noticing your name, and to start building a connection with other people in your industry. This interaction can also be done on social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook as well. Once strong connections have been built, other brands can be approached to work together with. For instance, you can feature a guest blog on each other’s site. This once again will show Google that people are “talking” about a brand as their web link is shown elsewhere on the internet. All in all, implementing off-page techniques such as these is crucial when it comes to SEO.