Advertising your business on the internet is absolutely essential in today’s interconnected and global economy. Even domestically, having an online presence is necessary in order to put eyeballs on your brand and provide a means for customers to engage with your business.

However, advertising your business online is a very involved and time intensive process and not all businesses have the resources or expertise to get the job done. This is where many businesses choose to hire digital marketing experts in order to rescue their website from obscurity and put them in front of the right audiences.

If you’re inexperienced then you likely won’t know where you’re going wrong and may mistakenly believe you are on the right track when you’re actually doing something counterproductive.  This is why we have compiled the following top 3 signs that you need to hire digital marketing experts.

1: Your website makes a graveyard look lively

The most classic need for digital marketing experts is diagnose and remedy problems with a website that are preventing it from drawing traffic. Without anyone actually visiting your website then all of your sales copy and fancy images won’t count for anything.

One of the most common reasons for a website to be ignored is that it is buried in the search results underneath more authoritative results. This means that users are being served with dozens of results Google thinks are better than yours, and as such very few people will organically arrive at your domain.

This is where digital marketing experts can engage in SEO (search engine optimisation) work on behalf of your business. SEO works to tailor your online presence in such a way that it is highly discoverable in search engines.

Digital marketing experts practise SEO by changing your website and its content so that it meets the favourable ranking signals of search engines like Google. Some of these ranking signals include page loading time, content length and keyword relevance.

2: Your website is getting traffic, but not generating conversions

This is another common issue that demands the attention of digital marketing experts in order to overcome. While your website may be getting a lot of hits, if those hits aren’t converting into sales then it’s a sign there is something seriously wrong with your website.

It could be that your pages are loading too slowly for users, causing them to leave or ‘bounce’ from your domain as quickly as they found it. Another reason is that your website is aesthetically displeasing and clunky or that it is filled with broken links and a poor user interface.

If the problem isn’t with the look and function of the website, then it is likely to do with your sales copy. Luckily, digital marketing experts have access to talented copywriters who can help you develop engaging sales copy that converts audiences who are exposed to it.

3: Your website is not mobile friendly

If you notice that your website displays an awkward desktop version when you visit on a mobile device, it’s a sign you need digital marketing experts to help you out. Being mobile friendly is absolutely essential today as more people are now searching for products and services with their mobile phones.

This means that without a mobile friendly website, the majority of people visiting your site are having a poor experience with it. Digital marketing experts can help you make your website mobile friendly and enhance the experience that users have with your mobile site.

If you are experiencing and one or multiple of these signs then you should do your business a favour and start looking for digital marketing experts to can hire. They will be able to audit your website and provide you with an actionable strategy for bringing it back to life.